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    What They Said

    “…Vimi were instrumental in making Appy Hotel a success. They gave us good advice, excellent graphics and speedy implementation. Their approach to the online world is world-class and i would not hesitate one minute to recommend them to any business interested in getting an impact online!…”

    JP Dumas, CEO
    Appy Hotel

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    The Client

    Appy Hotel is a startup based in South East Asia that provides a digital marketing suite designed for the unique needs of hospitality providers. At a time when smartphones and social media are reshaping the way hotels communicate and market themselves, Appy Hotel is a friendly platform that boosts revenue, while reducing marketing costs.

    The Project

    We were fortunate enough to accompany founder JP Dumas and his team from the very first days of the venture, which gave us the unique opportunity to help build the Appy Hotel brand from the ground up. Vimi was involved in selecting the name, designing the logo, and providing high-level marketing-strategy. Appy Hotel’s target audience posed a unique set of challenges – Hoteliers are notoriously detail concious, time-poor, and ROI focused. These challenges, together with the great pleasure of working with JP and his team, are what made this project something of a special ‘baby’ for us.

    • AppyHotel is WordPress based, allowing easy content management and updates. Wherever possible we use 3rd party platforms to host content, and embed widgets back on the site. The site targets hoteliers and tourism providers
    • As part of the content marketing and SEO strategy we devised for Appy Hotel we provided a regular stream of content for the company’s blog and social media profiles.





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