Introduction – Thailand’s Red Cross App

The Thai Red Cross Society is a national charitable organization that follows the foundational guidelines of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movements. It promotes excellence in delivery on its core missions, which include: grievance relief, quality of life promotion, disease treatment and suffering eradication. It serves public benefit and can be relied upon by the public.

Challenge – Effective volunteer management and communications

A primary challenge facing the organization was establishing a unified volunteer database, while improving communication with the volunteer community, and in particular improving communications and management of volunteers attending or participating in the organization’s events and training days.

The solution – Design of a new app UX-UI

The Thai Red Cross Society commissioned Vimi to support the process of rebuilding their application so as to improve operations and provide a better user experience to their volunteers. During our research phase we identified the app functions that were of the greatest value to users and were, subsequently, the ones used most often. Based on this study, and feedback from the client, we redesigned the app to make the most popular features central to the user experience, and provided conuslting and supporting user experience and user interface elements and screens.