Harness the power of the world’s top business networking site to create a a new source of leads for your B2B sales with Linkedin ads for lead generation

Ever since it debuted in 2002 Linkedin has been synonymous with B2B networking, so it’s no surprise the site is a great advertising opportunity for companies targeting B2B customers.

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“…Apart from being timely, organized, technically savvy and enjoyable to work with, there is one element, in my opinion, that makes Vimi.co stand out. – It’s their solid understanding of web shoppers…”

Daniel Frick, Managing Director, Ramburi Ltd.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

“…Vimi were efficient, friendly & professional. They provided good ideas, good work, & delivered on time. I highly recommend them & plan to approach them again in the future…”

Vasawat Supaamornkul, Business Development Manager, ABNImpact

 Linkedin’s B2B advertising solutions include:

Create awareness and engage with highly targeted audiences

Use lead forms directly within Linkedin for particular offers

Remarketing ads that engage people who have already been to your website

Linkedin ads for better b2b lead generation

On Linkedin you can target your leads according to the details of their professional profile. Use Linkedin to ensure your offers are displayed to professionals who are likely to be  prospective clients. Linkedin is a fantastic opportunity to deliver your sales team new leads for: 

  • Direct B2B sales of the solutions your company offers   
  • Prequalified sales inquiries
  • Registrations for seminars, events and trade-show meetings
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Are Lindedin ads for you?

Our bespoke Linkedin ads service is geared to the unique needs of B2B organizations operating in these sectors:

  • Corporate services: Legal / Accounting / HR / Training
  • Banking, insurance and fintech 
  • Renewable energy & resources 
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Healthcare & pharmaceuticals 
  • NGOs
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Reach the largest collection of professionals on the planet

Linkedin has about 700 million users, and adoption of the platform in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia is rising rapidly. 

Linkedin has an unmatched scope of data related to their users’ professional life, which it is able to couple to demographic and behavioral insights. The platform leverages this information to allow B2B businesses to target users with advertising suitable for a professional audience.

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Choose the professional audience most valuable to you

Linkedin lets you create audiences by selecting combinations of professional traits, and even has predefined to give you unprecedented granularity in selecting who to target with your campaigns:

  • Job title – Target people by their professional title and the company they work for.
  • Industry – Target professional from particular industries
  • Location – Target people by their geographical location.
  • Age – Target people within a defined range of ages.
  • Language – Target people by their profile language.

These attributes, when combined, allow advertising to be targeted only to those audiences  likely to engage with your company and help ensure the efficacy of your ad spend. 

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Linkedin ads – how does it work?

1. Resources 

Your project team is headed by one of our managing partners to ensure you get the insights & impact you need. Your delivery team includes: 

  • Project manager.
  • Copywriters. 
  • Campaign manager.
  • Designer.

2. Process

The project milestones for your Linkedin ads campaign are:

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

1. Introduction – Discovery and Estimation

Your project begins when we conduct an introductory briefing meeting to better understand your campaign goals, scope, timing & budget.


  • Meet your team and build trust. 
  • Introduce our people & methodology.
  • Gain an understanding of your campaign goals & objectives.
  • Receive briefing on existing performance  benchmarks.
  • Set objectives & KPIs for campaign outcomes Agree on performance evaluation. 
  • Proposal & contract


  • Discovery brief –  meeting summary.


2-5 days.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

2. Strategy, Setup and Launch

Having clarified your campaign objectives, performance KPIs, and working processes, we’ll move on to setting up, launching, & managing your Linkedin ad campaigns.


  • Create a Linkedin ads plan for achieving your agreed campaign goals.
  • Setup a shared work space.
  • Define  target audiences.
  • Copywriting and design for ad content. 
  • Launch & run ad campaigns.  
  • Establish benchmark KPIs for performance.


  • Strategy session.
  • Project plan.
  • Linkedin ads copy / banners.


5-10 days.

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3. Linkedin  campaign evaluation, assessment & optimizations

While your ads and campaign are running we’ll conduct weekly and monthly evaluations to identify and record performance benchmarks & marketing insights. These will allow us to  suggest & implement improvements to your Linkedin ad campaigns and optimize your budget spend for maximum ROI. 



  • Periodic campaign audits.
  • Ongoing identification and application of ad campaign improvements.


  • Ads performance reports.
  • Linkedin campaign optimizations.


Monthly ongoing

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

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