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The past couple of years have seen smartphones evolve from content consumption platforms, into all powerful personal assistants. We use them everywhere, and more of us adopt them every day. Yahoo’s latest developer conference revealed there are now over 280,000,000 people addicted to their mobiles – checking them over 60 times a day.

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Engage your audience – Regardless of whether they’re Apple or Google fans

We provide app development on both Apple’s and Google’s ecosystems, and are experienced at designing for multiple mobile, phablet and tablet form factors. We’re always excited to learn about new ideas and ventures…

Developing an application poses challenges requiring proven experience with a wide range of paradigms:

  • Business planning
  • Product specification and user experience
  • Interface design
  • iOS / Android development
  • Quality assurance
  • Playstore / Appstore compliance

In an industry where time-to-market is crucial, and Apple regularly rejects 30% of app submissions, you need a team you can trust.

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Why do companies & startups choose us to design & develop their applications?

  • Accurate and honest estimates of time, effort and cost to support your decision process. We’re always happy to meet face to face or via video chat for a free consultation.
  • Easy to follow, structured and methodical approach to the design and development process that ensures projects are delivered on time, on budget and up to specification.
  • Proven experience building and launching successful apps.
  • Six months warranty for all deliverables and extensive post launch support to help drive your growth.
  • We’re a passionate group of product and development professionals who love our job, love our team, and take immense pride in the work we do.

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What does your app building package include?

When building an app with us you’ll receive the following deliverables, as ordered below. At each step you’ll have ample opportunity to review and provide your feedback and comments:

  • Initial consultation to gauge feasibility and opportunities for your concept.
  • Features outlined in professional User Story format.
  • Full app specification including detailed UX (user experience) guidelines designed to maximize user engagement and ROI.
  • Application UI (user interface) – These are the actual graphics your users will experience.
  • Code architecture and development setup for your app’s iOS / Android clients, APIs, and backend / database.
  • Native application code – Swift, Java and Ruby on Rails for your backend.
  • Appstore / Playstore submission.
  • Post launch support and a 6 months guarantee for bug fixes.

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How you get it – App development workflow

These milestones outline how your app is built from start to finish:

  • Introduction meeting – We’ll listen to you explain your application’s business goal, your brand and aesthetic guidelines, and whatever else you choose to share. We’re always happy to sign Non-Disclosure agreements to ensure you can speak freely and safely. Ideally by the end of this meeting we’ll have an understanding of your goals.
  • User stories – We’ll list out your planned features in User Story format as the first step towards creating your application’s specification document.
  • App specification brief and wireframes – This crucial document details the user experience (UX) your app will deliver and includes detailed wireframes for each and every user story. The specification is the plan the development team follows when building your app, much like contractors refer to an architect’s drawings when constructing a building.
  • Application user interface design – At this step your app’s user stories and wireframes are transformed into full fledged designs for the development team to code into interactive and engaging screens.
  • Code architecture and app development setup – Architecture, in the application development context, relates to how the various software components work together to deliver the desired functionality.
  • App development – Our development teams get to work building up the various components of your app. We operate three primary teams: backend and APIs (Ruby on Rails), iOS, Android. Each team is led by a senior developer who works with the project manager to ensure his team is on spec and on time.
  • Quality assurance – As we complete coding up each feature we’ll review and test to ensure it matches your specification.
  • Submission to the Appstore / Playstore – We’ll upload your app to the Apple / Google’s application syndication platform.
  • Delivery – Congratulations!!! Your app is now live… : )
  • Warranty and support – Enjoy 6 months of full warranty for your app for any bug that may have slipped through QA.

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  • “…Vimi were instrumental in making Appy Hotel a success. They gave us good advice, excellent graphics and speedy implementation…”

    Jp Dumas
    Appy Hotel

  • Your Benefits

    • Better user experience and higher conversion rates
    • Better return-on-investment from your app
    • The peace of mind that comes from working with pros

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