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In Singapore the best way to get your mobile application built is to outsource

The success of your app project hinges on the ability of the development team working on it – they have to be savvy, passionate and experienced.

Since its inception in 2010 the Vimi team has built up its credentials in all the above, working with some of the region’s best known brands and startups.

Whether you’re looking to develop iOS and Android applications for Singapore, or for the wider APAC region – VIMI has you covered with Integrity, Simplicity, Harmony and Fun!

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Why Apps?

The future is in our hand…held devices

Smartphone users are the fastest growing consumer demographic on the planet.

Gartner reports over 1.5 billion devices sold annually (compared to “only” 300 million PCs per year). Savvy businesses are those able to identify and act on the opportunities this massive audience offers, Keeping up with the rapid pace of yearly device and platform releases isn’t a simple challenge, but the rewards are massive. Smartphones and mobile devices offer entirely new ways for consumers to interact with your brands and products, as well as immense opportunities for optimizing and streamlining existing business practices.

The above is doubly true for Singapore, where both smartphone penetration and cost of labor are among the highest in the world. Whether you’re using your app to sell more, or save more – the bottom line results are just as rewarding…

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How will your app be built?

Build your mobile app development’s success on our proven methodology

Albert Einstein once famously said – “The only source of knowledge is experience”. Enjoy the knowledge our experience has earned us and follow the steps of our proven app development methodology from inception, through to delivery and ongoing support:

  • Initial consultation – We’ll help you gauge the feasibility and opportunities of your project.
  • User stories – Outlining features as User Stories makes it easy to evaluate their true value.
  • App specification – A detailed and elaborate specification is your best guarantee that you’ll be getting the app you’re aiming for. Every hour spent perfecting your specification saves days of costly development later on
  • Application UI (user interface) – For your app to shine above the crowd it has to do more than simply deliver, it must delight. That’s why we never limit the number of sketches you can review before approving your app’s design for development.
  • Code architecture and database setup – This is the preliminary step that enables the development of your app’s iOS and Android clients, APIs, and backend.
  • Native application code – Whenever possible we prefer building native apps using Swift and Java. For your backend we prefer Ruby on Rails.
  • Submission to Appstore / Playstore – Your app’s listing on the Appstore and Playstore are crucial for your app marketing success. We’re happy to support you with everything you need – copy, imagery, video, etc…
  • Warranty – Your app comes with a 6 month guarantee for bug fixes and any post-launch support required (training, etc.)

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Why prefer us for your app design and build?

Despite common misconceptions, app development and design projects present a significantly greater challenge than simply building a website – Not only are there multiple ecosystems and form factors that must be taken into consideration, the vast majority of the code base must be custom written. While most brand and ecommerce websites can be completed through the joint efforts of a team composed of one designer and one developers, apps can rarely be built with a team numbering less than 5-7 professionals.

With time-to-market being success-critical, this is one of those cases where you simply can’t afford to fumble about with amateurs who are just learning the ropes, even if their labor is underpriced…

Working with Vimi you get to benefit from our proven ability to build and deliver successful applications at a local, regional and global scale:

  • Better user experience
  • Better process
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better return-on-investment
  • Peace of mind

“…The Vimi team were a pleasure to work him. Very on point with communication and work was completed with the projected timelines. I recommend them to anyone…”

Wilson Ling

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