Website and App Design Glossary

Down With Website Design and Development Jargon!

Like you, we like keeping things simple, so to make sure we’re all on the same page we’ve put together this “Geek to English” glossary. Reach us on Facebook for additional terms you’d like to see listed here.

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The ascent of blogs as a distinct medium was predicted by Bill Gates in his seminal essay Content is King. Originating in the late 1990’s as personal online diaries, in a business context blogs have evolved into websites or sections on websites dedicated to the regular publication of news, events, essays, tips, and similar content related to a company’s fields of endeavor. Some of the world’s most popular online destinations define themselves a blogs (Huffington Post, Techcrunch, etc.) … More

Content is King

Is the title of an essay penned in March of 1996 by Bill Gates in which he predicts not just the web’s ascent as an easily accessible means of publication, but also how this will impact human society as a whole … More

Content Management System (CMS)

A web based platform enabling recognized administrators to publish,  manage, and edit their websites’ content (navigation, text, images, media, etc.) without having intimate knowledge of web coding languages … More


An online payment system based in Holland that allows customers to buy online by using direct transfers from their bank accounts. Participating banks are: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING Bank, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot … More


One of the most popular Open Source CMS platforms in use today, Joomla supports over 25 million websites … More


A full-featured, Open Source, enterprise-class ecommerce platform offering vendors extensive flexibility and scalability, as well as detailed granular control over product catalogs, promotions, shopper experience and more. Magento powers over 110 thousand ecommerce websites and as of mid 2011 it’s owned by eBay … More

Open Source

A pragmatic methodology promoting the free redistribution and access to a given software platform’s source code, and permitting users to build upon, change, improve and distribute the software.

Most successful Open Source software is developed collaboratively by communities of developers, who then serve as evangelists for the software … More


The leading solution for accepting, processing, and transferring funds online. Paypal enables online merchants to process credit cards, as well as accept payments from Paypal account holders. Founded in 1998 Paypal is a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, and in 2011 alone it reported revenue in excess of $4.4 billion … More


A software component designed to enhance the core functionality of a base platform. Open source platforms like WordPress, Magento and Joomla are supported by thousands of plugins that serve to provide the core platform with additional abilities such as ecommerce support, event management, ad display and management, etc. … More

Responsive Design

With mobile platforms accounting for an about a quarter of global web traffic, and mobile traffic shares in Asia estimated to be even higher (as of early 2013), it’s increasingly important to build and design websites to provide optimal viewing experiences easy reading across as wide a range of devices (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) as possible. Responsive websites adapt their layouts to users’ changing platforms by using such tactics as fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, etc… More

Search Engine Optimization

The collective name for a host of actions that can be taken to assist a website’s search rankings, including blogging, social media marketing, code cleanup, hosting optimization, etc. … More


A document used to plan and list all the pages destined to compose a website … More


User experience and User interface are two closely related terms that together formulate the way users interact with your app or website. User Experience design aims to define the user’s overall interaction with your product, and covers such matters as how users can complete actions and processes, and receive input and output cues from your product. User Interface design’s mandate is, for the large part, how that interaction and range of experiences is translated into screens and buttons. UX design owes much of its evolution to the study of usability, while UI Design is more the offspring of graphic design and signage ergonomics… More

Video Template

The predefined design and branding given to an automated video which serves to support the display of the per-product data pulled from the website’s feed. In most cases the video template is designed to integrate seamlessly with the site’s existing look. Well branded video templates increase buyer confidence and boost sales … More


In the web context a widget is a feature application installed on a web page enabling end users a given interaction. Event calendars, commenting systems, Facebook connectivity, (etc.) are all examples of web widgets … More


A schematic diagram listing, and spatially arranging, all the expected functionality and data for any given webpage. Wireframing serve as a first, and vital step, in the effective design of websites … More


The world’s most popular Open Source CMS serves as the tool of choice for an estimated ~19% of all websites, including those of an impressive number of Fortune 500 companies. We love WordPress because it enables us to provide our customers with great looking, easy-to-maintain websites that are fully compatible with popular browsers and platforms … More