Build a new pipeline for your sales team with Facebook ads for B2B lead generation

Facebook ads are one of the most effective and cost efficient forms of digital marketing  available. Facebook’s advertising solutions are your opportunity to identify, qualify and engage with leads you may otherwise miss.

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“…We get around 3 calls a day from people who have seen our website one way or the other…”

Gavin Vongkusolkit, Managing Director, Heritage Estates Co., Ltd.

Facebook’s B2B advertising solutions include:

Brand awareness

Ads for highly targeted engagement.

Lead generation

Ads for collecting Facebook users’ data.

Event registrations


Ads for engaging people who have previously visited your website

Facebook ads build your b2b lead pipeline

Facebook lets you target your audience according to their demographic profile and behavioral patterns. With Facebook you can identify your audience to ensure your offers are displayed to prospective clients – Including people who could be interested in your company, but haven’t heard of it yet. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to provide your sales team with a new source of leads for: 

  • Direct sales of products and services  
  • Qualified sales inquiries
  • Registration for your trade-show meetings and events 

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Are Facebook ads for you?

Our Facebook ads solutions are tailored to deliver the best results for B2B organizations operating in these sectors:

  • Corporate services: Legal / Accounting / HR / Training
  • Banking, insurance and fintech 
  • Renewable energy & resources 
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Healthcare & pharmaceuticals 
  • NGOs

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Access the world’s largest audience

Roughly one third of the human race logs into Facebook every month giving the platform unprecedented amounts of personal, demographic and behavioral data which they leverage in order to match businesses with the people most likely to respond to their offers.

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Define and focus on your target audience

Facebook audience creation lets you use any combination of the following signals to give you unprecedented granularity in selecting who to target with your campaigns:

  • Career – Target people by their profession and the company they work for. 
  • Location – Target people by country, city and post code.
  • Gender – Target women, men, or both.
  • Age – Target people within a defined range of ages.
  • Language – Target people by languages they speak.

Other signals that can be leveraged are people’s friendships & personal connections, their education, and even their patterns for engaging with technology

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Facebook ads – how does it work?

1. Resources 

Your project team is headed by one of our managing partners to ensure you get the insights & impact you need. Your delivery team includes: 

  • Project manager.
  • Copywriters. 

  • Campaign manager.
  • Designer.

2. Process

The project milestones for your Facebook ads campaign are: 

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

1. Introduction – Discovery and Estimation

Your project starts with a briefing meeting where we’ll learn about your goals, scope, schedule & budget.


  • Meet your team and build rapport. 
  • Introduce our people & methodology.
  • Learn about your business goals & objectives.
  • Recognize existing benchmarks & status quo.
  • Establish what outcome will have a meaningful impact for your organization. 
  • Agree on KPIs for performance evaluation. 
  • Proposal & contract


  • Discovery brief –  meeting summary.


2-5 days.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

2. Planning Setup and Launch

Once we’ve agreed on your goals, requirements, performance benchmarks, and governance processes, we’ll plan, launch, & manage a campaign to deliver you qualified sales leads.


  • Create a Facebook ads strategy to effectively deliver on your defined goals.
  • Start a shared working environment.
  • Create targeted audiences.
  • Create ad content. 
  • Launch & manage your ad campaigns.  
  • Identify performance benchmarks


  • Strategy outline.
  • Project plan.
  • Facebook ads copy / banners.


5-10 days.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

3. Facebook ads evaluation, assessment & optimizations

Once your ads are live and running we’ll do weekly and monthly assessments to find and build-up benchmarks for performance, as well as suggest & implement optimizations for your Facebook B2B digital marketing .


  • Periodic review of your Facebook campaigns.
  • Identify and implement campaign optimizations on an ongoing basis.


  • Ads performance reports.
  • Facebook campaign optimizations.


Monthly ongoing

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

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