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Edward Morales VIMI Are You Selling Enough

“…As a seasoned E-Commerce director I’ve worked with many teams over the years. Vimi stood out with their results oriented approach, good governance, and strict adherence to deadlines. I look forward to working with them again…”

Edward Morales, Business Director – ECommerce, Minor Corp PCL.

Looking for an agency with a proven record of delivering best selling online businesses?

You’ve found it!

B2C & B2B e-commerce businesses are the fastest growing channel for brands in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia. A professionally designed online store boosts profitability, builds brand credibility, & serves as an important customer service touch-point. 

We’re here to help you build a successful ecommerce solution & start selling as quickly as possible. Our experience will reduce your learning curve to a minimum.

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Vimi Thailand E-Commerce development

Whether you’re looking to start an eCommerce business or grow an existing online store, we’re here to help you with:



  • Selecting products to sell.
  • Choosing the best eCommerce platform for your needs.
  • Planning email marketing, Google and Facebook advertising & other marketing activities.



  • Building optimal user experience.
  • Designing effective landing & product pages.
  • Inventory management & order fulfillment.
  • Integrating payment gateways to accept bank transfers & credit cards. 
  • Clarifying processor transaction fees.
  • Ensuring the security of your eCommerce store.
  • Launching your website.



  • Support & maintenance.
  • Launching a mobile app for your e-business.
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Why choose us for your e-commerce website?

Reduce risk and guarantee your e-commerce success

Reduce the risk of a stalled project & guarantee your success. Choose a proven team of designers & developers with experience turning product ideas into profitable ecommerce web design. 

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Full warranty

Enjoy a comprehensive no-nonsense warranty that guarantees you rapid servicing for any issues. 

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Professional delivery and peace of mind

Enjoy a clear, transparent & efficient process that guarantees peace of mind from proposals & ideation to delivery & ongoing support: 

  • Your eCommerce project plan follows clear & agreed on milestones. 
  • An experienced Project Manager manages the entire process & keeps you regularly updated.
  • Project artifacts & deliverables are stored in the cloud allowing you & your team constant & unrestricted access. 

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What are you getting in your e-commerce package?

Everything you need to get started

Your agreement with us is geared towards enabling you to launch your business and begin earning as quickly as possible. We know your success is ultimately also our success, and so we’re highly motivated to ensure you can start selling as quickly as possible.

Your proposal includes all the features you need towards achieving this goal and is expandable with any number of optional add-ons listed below

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Included in your e-commerce package

The following features are included in your e-commerce package:

Delivered by VIMI & Powered by Woocommerce

When your business is on the line, you can’t afford to take risks with your technology choices, that’s why, unless your requirements absolutely require custom development,  we suggest building your website on the extremely popular and dependable framework which services ~30% of all e-commerce websites.

We’ll look after setting up your instance of Wordpress and Woocommerce and everything needed to support it. For a fully detailed specification please contact us to get an estimate.

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Design & development of custom website page template(s)

Your website is the 1st impression people will have of your organization. Enjoy a gorgeous, mobile adaptive template that ensures you get the engagement you need. We’ll design & develop custom website template(s) for your home  & shop pages to increase your sales and lead conversions. Includes:

  • Wireframing
  • Design 
  • Development
  • Quality checking
  • Project management
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Content Management System (CMS)

Enjoy the flexibility and savings of managing updates yourself. Woocommerce is part of the community, which powers over 36% of the internet’s websites. Not only is Wordpress cross-platform, cross-browser and mobile compatible, it’s also really easy to use, and we’ll be there to provide you with all the training you need to manage your website internally should you want to.

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Content upload

We’ll deliver your website with a pre-agreed scope of content uploaded for you.

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Promotions, discounts, and vouchers

Woocommerce let’s you run your promotions and discount campaigns by product, customer, period or volume. Offer discounts on bulk purchases, free shipping, etc.

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Optional package items

The following items may be included in your package according to the details of your custom tailored package:

Payment gateway(s)

Accepting online payments requires integrating your website with a payment gateway. Whether you want to work with your bank, Paypal, or any number of 3rd party providers – we’re happy to help and provide guidance. Typical gateways you can opt for would be Your bank gateway, Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Omise etc

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Shipping platform integration(s)

Choose to ship your client orders using Fed-ex, DHL, EMS, or another service of your choice. You can choose to integrate as many shipping modules as you need.

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Repeat order

Make it easy for your customers to repeat their previous offers. This add-on shows returning and registered customers an “Order Again” button for orders they’ve previously made and completed.

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Customer loyalty & rewards platform

Allow customers to gather points for making purchases, posting reviews, sharing your content, etc. Points can be redeemed for discounts on their next orders.

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Merchant marketplaces 

This extension enables you to turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, or Lazada.

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Event management 

Promote and enable publication and booking of tickets, events, lessons, etc. Allow your audience to book for free, or tie in with a payment gateway integration to allow payments.

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Booking and reservations management

This extension enables you to use your website to operate any type of hospitality or rental business. This powerful add-on enables you to set fixed bookings or let customers create their own, customize prices for durations (packages), set bookings in hours, or days, and much much more.

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Download management

Sell, manage, track, and control file downloads of any type: videos, sounds and tracks, images, PDFs, presentations, lessons, etc.

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Multilingual website

This robust add-on enables the creation, display and management of your website’s page in as many additional languages as you need. Choose to translate just a few key pages, or opt for a fully multilingual site.

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Tiered pricing

Allow variable pricing for different types of customers (e.g. pricing for B2B vs. pricing for B2C). This add-on allows customers, resellers, & agents to login to your website and receive pricing according to their individual agreements with you.

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Subscription products

Sell subscriptions and charge recurring payments.

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Composite and assortment products

These product types enable you to offer made-to-order products and kits such as gift-boxes, grocery sets, custom apparel, jewelry, and even pizzas! Optimize your customers’ experience for anything from adding a few products to a gift bundle, up to crafting uniquely customized products with countless options.

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Country based pricing 

Sell your products at different prices according to your customers’ country.

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News / blog

Keep your audience engaged, entertained and updated with your latest-and-greatest. An active news section or blog is a great way to maintain a dialogue with your audience, and improve your search rankings.

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Live chat

Allow visitors to your website to chat with you on Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, etc.

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Social media integration 

Being active on social media is critical for audience engagement. Showcase your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,…etc. on your website.

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Newsletter subscription

Newsletters and emails remain one of the most effective forms of digital marketing available. Encourage visitors to register for your updates.

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Visitor geolocation identification

Define how your website responds to visitors based on their location. This add-on is especially powerful when used together with the multilingual and price-per-country options.

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E-Business Development – How does it work?

1. Resources 

Your project team is headed by one of our managing partners to ensure you get the insights & impact you need. Your delivery team includes: 

  • Project manager.
  • Copywriters. 
  • Information architects. 
  • UX / UI designers.
  • Animators.
  • Developers. 
  • QA Engineer. 

2. Process

These are the milestones your ecommerce website design and development project follows from start to finish: 

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

1. Introduction

We start e-business development & ecommerce website design projects with a free consultation during which you’ll have the opportunity to brief us about your goals, scope, timeline & budget. 

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

2. Discovery and Estimation

Our Business Analysts will learn, document, & estimate the time & investment needed to meet & match your requirements. 


  • Understand your e-business goals.
  • Identify existing situation & success benchmarks.
  • Clarify results that will have meaningful impact for your organization.
  • Select the ecommerce platforms best suited to your needs. 
  • Build dialog & buy-in with your team members. 
  • Introduce our team & working practices.


  • Discovery summary brief.
  • Plan & schedule your ecommerce store project. 
  • Proposal.


5-10 days.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

3. Setup

With your requirements clarified & agreed, we’ll set up your ecommerce projects’ working environment. 


  • Create a shared working environment.
  • Collate all the brief materials and needed artefacts in a shared drive.
  • Setup a development environment.
  • Launch process for payment gateway setup.
  • Start setup of email marketing, social media, & other accounts to support e-business marketing & monitoring
  • Explain project working processes & governance to stakeholders.


  • Shared drive folder for storing your ecommerce project artefacts.
  • Shared project on Asana – our project management platform.
  • Cloud hosting for your ecommerce website development. 
  • Email marketing account.
  • Google Analytics account setup.


1-2 days.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

4. UX/UI Design

After completing the setup for your e-business project, we’ll work on your brief & design. The brief includes user experience wireframes needed for your ecommerce website design. 


  • Clarify understanding of your needs. 
  • Verify ecommerce website sitemap.
  • Create & develop project artefacts & deliverables for the agreed design process & scope.
  • Steering committee engagement & approvals. 
  • Full project transparency & visibility for your team at all times. 


  • Ecommerce website brief that lists all the pages & templates needed to support your e-business. 
  • Wireframes explaining your visitors’ user experience as they browse your website pages.
  • Ecommerce website design.


  • 2-3  days for your e-business brief. 
  • 2-3 days for your ecommerce wireframes.
  • 5-7 days for ecommerce website design.
Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

5. Ecommerce copywriting and content

Talk to us about helping you with copywriting, animation, photography, & infographics to support your e-business.


Prepare and collect all the content needed to enable a smooth launch of your e-business.


Ecommerce website content – Texts, images, videos, etc.


15-20 days – Done in parallel to the design and development of the site.

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

6. Ecommerce website development

Once you sign-off on your ecommerce website designs we’ll start coding your online store. 


  • Development team works on the code artefacts needed to build your ecommerce website as per the agreed process & scope.
  • Integrate 3rtd party solutions to support your e-business operations  – e.g. inventory management, payment gateway, email marketing, customer loyalty, discounts & promotions, B2B ecommerce, etc. 


  • Your ecommerce website code deployed & developed on our development & testing servers.


20 days & up – As agreed during the project estimation. 

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

7. Quality assurance and testing

After completing the development phase we’ll run an internal User Acceptance Test (UAT) to confirm that the site is ready for your review. Once we’ve tested your ecommerce website ourselves we’ll hand it over to you, for your pre-delivery review.


Confirm your ecommerce website works properly & matches the specifications of the design & the approved design.


Ecommerce website running our development & testing servers & ready for hand-over, deployment & go-live.


5 days 

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

8. E-commerce deployment

Once you sign-off on your website UAT we’ll deploy it to your domain & hosting. We’ll also train your team to use your ecommerce website. 

Congratulations!!! You now have a new website… : )


  • Enable a smooth delivery & handover of your e-business to your in-house team. 
  • Ensure your team knows how to operate your ecommerce website.
  • Launch your e-business.


  • Ecommerce website deployed to your hosting & operating as planned.
  • Training for your operations team on how to update content, manage & create products, process inventory & orders, check payments, etc.


1-2 days 

Vimi - Are You Selling Enough?

Talk to us about your project

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