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UX UI is a deeper understanding of the discipline is one that sees it as responsible for designing all aspects of a user's interaction with the company!

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UX and UI Session Recordings & Heatmaps: Following in Our Visitor’s Footsteps

Session Recordings & Heatmaps. As follow the best UI/UX practices while designing our website, it appears that our new planned interface is the most favorable. In fact, due to our…

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Wanna Win Ecommerce in Southeast Asia? Get Your Mobile Website Up To Scratch!

Everywhere you go in Southeast Asia, you see it – noses stuck in smartphones. From urban centers to mist-shrouded jungle villages, people are browsing, liking, sending, sharing ……

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Ecommerce in Thailand – Cash-on-Delivery is key

The credit card system of payment that oils the wheels of commerce in the US and Europe is far from being standard operating procedure in Southeast Asia. According to The…

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To Win Ecommerce in Thailand Master Line & Facebook

Remember all those smartphone owners walking around staring at their screens? They may look isolated, but they’re not. They’re some of the most connected people in the world. The…

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Canned Responses help with Optimize Your Email Workflow

Those of you who've already migrated to Google Apps (the business version of Gmail) as your primary work email will probably pleased to hear that aside from all the convenience…

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Art Hongchintakul of Swiftlet give a Web Design review for us

Thailand’s One-Stop Web Design Shop - A Firsthand Review of Vimi. A couple of weeks ago, the Vimi web design all-stars put the finishing touches on the new swiftlet.co.th. This…

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5 Tips for Leveraging Facebook for Your B2B Marketing

When Facebook premiered its “Like” feature in 2009, brands everywhere became obsessed with amassing as many thumbs up as possible. The “Like” became the Holy Grail of e-marketing,…

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Three Tips to Driving B2B Lead Generation with Your Blog

A good blog can support lead generation, adds credibility to your B2B brand and boosts your search rankings on Google

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An Ecommerce Marketer’s Guide to Writing Great Product Descriptions

Online sales balance on trust. When your customers make purchases from your online store, they trust that the real-life products will match the pictures and descriptions you’ve…

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