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Turn Browsers into Shoppers with Product Videos
Cover Your Full Catalog with Unique Videos in HOURS!
Generate PERSONALIZED Videos at Scale for Preroll and Loyalty Campaigns!

For ecommerce vendors who want to boost Sales, Engagement, and SEO with high converting product videos

Videos are the web’s most popular medium – given the chance we all  prefer watching videos over reading text or looking at images. Research has repeatedly confirmed that ecommerce site pages enhanced with video convert far better than standard text’n’image, in most cases significantly so.

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The Challenge

Traditionally video has presented vendors with a challenge due to the high costs and lengthy production times associated, but thanks to automated video technology that’s no longer the case…

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By this time tomorrow you can show a unique video for each of your products!

We at Vimi are proud to be the exclusive ASIAPAC representative for product video company Treepodia – an  Israeli based startup established in 2007 that specializes in automated dynamic video generation. Treepodia’s has generated 1,000’s of product video for such companies as Walmarts, Cnet, Rakuten, etc…

How it works

Treepodia’s automated ecommerce video solution is the perfect method for creating, publishing and syndicating any number of product videos, dynamically and on-the-fly. The platform creates unique individual product videos by pulling existing product descriptions, attributes, images, reviews (etc…) from your website into a pre-selected video template.

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Need more?
Consumer Personalized Videos:
» Pre-roll Youtube ads
» Loyalty Videos

Video’s strength as a sales and marketing tool is an established fact, but what if the power of video could be boosted even further by personalizing the message to each individual viewer?

Treepodia’s revolutionary new technology does precisely that!

  • Preroll Ads? 50,000 Viewers Deserve 50,000 Videos!

    Using proprietary re-targeting technology Treepodia’s personalized video platform identifies each viewer accessing the Youtube Preroll Ad and personalizes their video to tout offers uniquely customized to them, according to their previously recorded behaviors
  • Personalized Loyalty Videos

    A 2nd innovation powered by the same revolutionary platform are Personalized Loyalty Videos that display personalized clips to email campaign recipients. Ideal for loyalty and membership members, upsale emails, and other post-sale activities.

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Starting as low as $299 / THB 9,900 per month!

Your Benefits

  • Increase conversion rates 25-85% on average
  • Full coverage of your catalog with video in 24 hours
  • Boost user engagement and confidence
  • Avoid production time and costs

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